Top 6 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Top 6 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Yoga is an eminent ancient Indian practice that helps to attain mental, spiritual, moral, and physical well-being of an individual.Yoga comprises a well ordered 8-fold path named Astanga Yoga. According to the ancient scriptures of India, every step of yoga affects different aspects of health.

Yoga for overall health:

Being associated with numerous hemodynamic and neuroendocrine changes, these yoga practices considerably remodel the aggravated condition of various diseases. For instance, pulmonary, neurological, orthopaedic, psychological, or cardiovascular ailments.

Other than these, the positive impact of yoga on other health issues has been also evaluated. Favourable outcomes of yoga have also been noticed in mitigating some ancillary symptoms found in cancer patients. Yoga for cancer patients might be employed as an effective complementary therapy.

Positive effects of yoga for cancer patients and survivors:

There has been a multitude of advancements in the field of cancer management treatments, but yet patients face problems regarding their mental and physical health. Like massage therapy, chiropractic care, and other complementary therapies, yoga interventions may also provide cancer patients relief from such issues.

Yoga for cancer patients:

Yoga and pain

Yoga is known to reduce various types of pain (generalized pain, carpal tunnel pain, back pain, or arthritis pain) in the non-cancer community. However, recent studies also evaluated the impact of yoga on pain among cancer patients.

According to an analysis, breast cancer patients who went through a 75-minutes yoga session comprising breathing and mindfulness exercises along with Hatha & restorative postures two times a week for 4 weeks showed a greater reduction in sluggishness, muscle ache, and overall pain.

Yoga and strength

The treatments used to manage cancer and tumours significantly diminishes body flexibility, bone, and muscle strength, which enhances the risk of being caught with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Including yoga could help to improve overall body balance, range of motions, flexibility, and muscle strength.

Many studies havesupported this fact. According to one analysis, a 12-minute daily yoga regimen including 12 yoga postures effectively improves the BMD and overall strength. These 12 yoga poses are the tree, triangle, warrior II, side angle, supine hand-to-foot I, supine hand-to-foot II, locust, bridge, straight-legged twist, bend knee twist, corpse, and twisted triangle poses.

Yoga and lymphedema management

Certain cancer treatments can result inthe buildup of lymphatic fluid in the limb, abdomen, or neck tissues, named as lymphedema. This buildup can cause infection at the concerned site. Specific yoga postures promote the lymphatic drainage and provide relief from association problems.

Yoga and fatigue

Fatigue and affected sleep quality aresome of the most common side effects of cancer treatment that can be seen in cancer patients and survivors.

The consistent practice of controlled breathing, low-impact yoga postures, and mindfulness techniques will help a cancer patient to get improved sleep quality and reduced fatigue.

Yoga and mental-emotional well-being

According to a meta-analysis, cancer patients who followed yoga interventions found with great reductions in anxiety, depression, fatigue, and distress.

The meditation, breathing exercises, and other yoga practices help to calm the mind and reduce the emotional burden.

Yoga can make a big change in your recovery from cancer and other health issues. Even, if you are healthy, make a routine to do yoga every day. It will make you stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Remarks -

-Breathing exercises can include controlled, slow, movement-coordinated, and diaphragmatic breath work.

-Physical yoga might involve a full range of standing, seated, supine, and transitional poses.

-Meditation includes metta meditation, body scanning, mindfulness, and breath awareness.

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