Super anti-cancer foods you need to know

Super anti-cancer foods you need to know

The disease management pays considerable attention to dispensing effective health modalities, resulting in a significant decrease in disability and mortality but at the expense of high and traumatic usage of medications, irradiation and surgeries, especially when talking about cancer therapy and management.

After cardiovascular disorders, cancer is considered as the second principal cause of death in many affluent countries. Around the world, this problem contributes to 1/8 deaths.

However, scientific researchers have also accounts that adopting healthy modifications in lifestyles, such as, incorporating yoga and anti-cancer foods can significantly help prevent and lower the risk of various cancers.

What is better than this?

Foods and diet play a major role in a healthy life. The correct and healthy choice of dietary measures can make our life disease-free and salubrious. On the other hand, a wrong diet can be a significant reason for obesity, heart, liver problems and even cancer.

Therefore, it is very important to keep a keen eye on what you eat, as in cancer prevention it might act as a milestone.

Let's discuss,

  1. Functional Food for cancer patients
  2. Functional foods as per their major constituents
  3. Other Essential anti-cancer food you need to know

# Functional Foods for Cancer Patients:

Healthy food items make our body toxins free and if filled with antioxidants and phytochemicals can prevent from certain diseases. In this scenario, "Functional Foods" play a significant role.

These are those food components which dispense potent health advantage beyond basic nutrition. Some reports also showed some positive relationship between these functional foods and reduced risk of cancer. We consume these foods in our diet along with conventional foods. These foods are enriched, fortified and enhanced. The main constituents which are present in these food items are its antioxidative components, which act as potential chemo preventive factors.

# Functional foods as per their major constituents:

1) Lycopene

This phytochemical is the reason behind the red colors of the vegetables and fruits. Lycopene shows significant protective properties to prevent various disorders such as cholesterol levels and many cardiovascular diseases.
Not only has this, its single-oxygen quenching property and capability to trap peroxyl radicals also made it a potent chemo protector. This phytochemical interfere with cell cycle progression and growth factors signaling of cancer cells and helps to prevent body from certain cancers.

Sources: Lycopene is abundant in watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit, pink guava and apricot.

2) Lutein

This phytochemical belongs to xanthophylls family.
Lutein substantially helps to oppose cell damage, inhibits lipid peroxidation and neutralizes the free radicals due to its potent antioxidant properties.
Results of a research study also assessed lutein efficacy against cancers like colon cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, especially the premenopausal breast cancer.

Sources: It is majorly found in foods like maize, egg yolks, sweet pepper, sweet corn, squash, orange, spinach and kiwi.

3) Canthaxanthin

It is one of the carotenoids with no pro vitamin activity.
It is not considered as dietary carotenoid, but used as a coloring factor in various food and animal feeds.
Canthaxanthin exhibits potent antioxidant action and acts as potent quencher of reactive oxygen species and nitrogen oxygen species. It can be helpful in preventing colon and skin cancer.

Sources: This phytochemical was first found in edible mushrooms. Other than mushrooms, it can be found in fish, eggs and crustaceans.

4) Astaxanthin

It is known to exhibit certain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.

Sources: This phytochemical is found in crab, salmon, lobster, shrimp, and red trout.

5) Carotenes


This carotene found to inhibit tumorigenesis in the colorectal, lungs, skin, lungs, and liver.

Sources: It is present in carrots, pumpkin and winter squash.


This carotene also shows significant anti cancer properties, especially in the combination with other phytochemicals like lutein.

Sources: It is present in orange, yellow fruits and vegetables, and green leafy vegetables.

These functional foods are the very important to reduce risk of cancer and therefore, must be included in the diet.

#Other Essential anti-cancer foods you need to know

Except for these functional foods, there are some specific vegetables, fruits or food items which also found be very effective in preventing us from cancer and can be considered as anti-cancer foods.

Flax seeds

  • These seeds are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibers and lignin’s.
  • This food has a potent impact on cancer prevention, especially prostate cancer.
  • The lignin present in it is the major source of its anti-cancer properties and makes this food a super anti-cancer food.

Cruciferous vegetables

  • Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts due to its potent phytochemical sulforophane shows significant anti-cancer properties.
  • As per the data of various studies, these vegetables reduce the risk of breast cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, prostate, and lung and bladder cancer.
  • Therefore, you can also add this class of vegetables in super anti-cancer foods.


Spices also act as anti-cancer foods. Scientific studies also evaluated the effectiveness of various spices in cancer prevention.


Being enriched with curcumin, this spice exhibits astonishing anti-cancer properties and known to counter and protect our body from lung, nasopharyngeal, breast, gastric, prostate, and colorectal and many more forms of cancers.
Therefore, turmeric is very important for us and must include in diet every day, either in form of food or decoctions and teas.

Black cumin

This spice is also very helpful in reducing the risk of various cancers like lung, pancreatic or breast cancer.


  • Being enriched with components like gingerols, paradols and shogaols, ginger is a super anti-cancer food.
  • This spice possesses potent anti-cancer, anti-mycobacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. As like turmeric and black cumin, ginger is also helpful to prevent various types of cancers.
  • So, must eat this spice as well in form of food or tea.


Garlic is also used from ancient times to cure certain ailments. It not only imparts cancer-protective properties but also helps to improve the immune system significantly. So, also don't forget garlic to add in your diet along with ginger, cumin, and turmeric.

These are some of the superfoods which can prevent you from cancer.

Other than these, also take care of some other things in your diet. Restrict your calorie intake, sugar intake (refined and unrefined), include low glycemic index foods, have diets with high fiber content, selenium, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and folic acid.

So, a diet for cancer patients must include all these foods. If you keep your diet healthy, these all can be part of your daily diet. Have these vegetables and fruits on a regular basis, and spices on a daily basis.

Tip: Have these foods in combination as well as this will enhance its anti-cancer actions. For instance, a decoction of turmeric and ginger or food involve garlic and tomatoes, or water of raw ginger and garlic.

Live healthy and eat healthy, it will not only keep you away from cancer but also from other big health problems.

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